Emily C. Moore Division of Biological Sciences

University of Montana

32 Campus Drive

Missoula, MT, 59812


2012 – 2017 PhD, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC


Advisor: Reade Roberts

Committee Members: Trudy Mackay, John Godwin, Dahlia Nielsen

2011 – 2012 MS, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Biomedical Sciences, emphasis Animal Anatomy and Physiology, non-thesis

2005 – 2011 BS, University of Colorado, Denver, CO

Biology, magna cum laude

2005 – 2011 BA, University of Colorado, Denver, CO

Philosophy, summa cum laude

Honors Thesis Advisor: Candice Shelby

Professional Appointments

2018 – Postdoctoral Research Associate, Division of Biological Sciences,

University of Montana, Missoula MT, Advisor: Jeffrey Good

2017 – 2018 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Biological Sciences,

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, Advisor: Reade Roberts

Emphasis of Research

behavioral genetics, quantitative genetics, speciation, hybridization, sex chromosome evolution, population genetics and genomics, evolution of gene expression

Peer-reviewed Publications

** denotes undergraduate mentee co-author   ^ denotes co-first authorship
 10. Moore EC, Ciccotto PJ, Peterson EN, Lamm MS, Albertson RC, and RB Roberts. Polygenic sex determination produces modular sex polymorphism in an African cichlid fish. 2022. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119: e2118574119.
9. Moore EC, Thomas GWC, Mortimer S, Kopania EEK, Hunnicutt KE, Clare-Salzler ZJ, Larson EL, and JM Good. 2022. The evolution of widespread recombination suppression on the Dwarf Hamster (Phodopus) X chromosome. Genome Biology and Evolution14: evac080.
8. Brekke TB^, Moore EC^, Campbell-Staton SC, Callahan CM, Cheviron ZA, and JM Good. 2021. X chromosome-dependent disruption of placental regulatory networks in hybrid dwarf hamsters. Genetics 218(1): iyab043.
7. Johnson ZV^, Moore EC^, Godwin J, Wong RY, Streelman JT and RB Roberts. 2020. Exploratory behavior is associated with microhabitat and evolutionary radiation in Lake Malawi cichlids. Animal Behaviour 160:121-134.
6. Conte MA, Joshi R, Moore EC, Nandamuri SP, Gammerdinger WJ, Roberts RB, Carleton KL, Lien S and TD Kocher. 2019. Chromosome-scale assemblies reveal the structural evolution of African cichlid genomes. Gigascience 8(4):giz030.
5. Stuckert A, Moore EC, Coyle KP, Davidson I, MacManes MD, Roberts RB and K Summers. 2019. Variation in pigmentation gene expression is associated with distinct aposematic color morphs in the poison frog, Dendrobates auratus. BMC Evolutionary Biology 19(85).
4. Peterson EN, Cline ME**, Moore EC, Roberts NB, and RB Roberts. 2017. Genetic sex determination in Astatotilapia calliptera, a prototype species for the Lake Malawi cichlid radiation. Naturwissenschaften 104(5-6):41.
3. Roberts RB, Moore EC, and TD Kocher. 2017. An allelic series at pax7a is associated with color polymorphism diversity in Lake Malawi cichlid fish. Molecular Ecology 26: 2625 – 2639. [Featured cover article]

Featured in News & Views: Santos ME. 2017. Molecular Ecology, 26: 2605-2607.

2. Moore EC and RB Roberts. 2017. Genital morphology and allometry differ by species and sex in Malawi cichlid fishes. Hydrobiologia 791: 127-134.
1. Moore EC and RB Roberts. 2013. Polygenic Sex Determination. Current Biology 23: R510-R512.

Submitted or In Review – manuscripts available as preprints or on request

3. Kang T, Moore EC, Kopania EEK, Schilling B, Campisi J, Good JM, Brem RB. A natural variation-based screen in mouse cells reveals USF2 as a regulator of DNA damage response and senescence.
2. DeLorenzo L, Matthews D, Brandon AA, Joglekar M, Carmona Baez A, Moore EC, Ciccotto PJ, Roberts NB, Roberts RB, Powder KE. Genetic basis of body shape variation along the benthic-pelagic axis in cichlid fishes. (BioRxiv at
1. Moore EC and Roberts RB. Heterospecific aggression differs predominately by species, rather than sex, in Lake Malawi cichlid fish. (BioRxiv at

Grants and Fellowships

2022 Travel Award, Society for the Study of Evolution
2018 Travel Award, NC State Postdoctoral Association
2017 Travel Award, WM Keck Center for Behavioral Biology, Evolution
2015 Provost Research Award, NC State University
2015 Travel Award, WM Keck Center for Behavioral Biology, IBANGS
2014 Research Award, WM Keck Center for Behavioral Biology
2012 – 17 Graduate Fellowship Research Assistantship, North Carolina State University

Honors, and Awards

2018 Finalist, James F. Crow Early Career Researcher, Genetics Society of America
2016 First Place Poster Presentation, NCSU Biological Sciences Poster Session
2014 Third Place Poster Presentation, NCSU Graduate School Research Symposium
2013 Best Presentation by a First-Year Student, NCSU Genetics Graduate Symposium
2013 Best Poster Presentation by a Graduate Student, NCSU Genetics Colloquium
2011 Finalist, Outstanding Undergraduate Student in the Sciences
2006 – 11 Dean’s List Scholarship, University of Colorado

Invited Presentations

2018 Population, Evolutionary & Quantitative Genetics, Madison, WI, Crow Award Session
2014 21st Annual Animal Behavior Conference, Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior, Indiana University, Bloomington, ID
Invited Seminars
2022 University of Maryland, Biology Department, College Park, MD
2022 University of Denver, Department of Biological Sciences, Denver, CO
2021 Binghamton University, EEB Departmental Seminar, remote
Internal Seminars
2019 University of Montana, Division of Biological Sciences, Missoula, MT
2018 University of Montana, Division of Biological Sciences, Missoula, MT

Contributed First Author Presentations

2015 International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society, Uppsala, Sweden (Poster)
2015 Cichlid Science Graz, Austria (Oral)
National and regional
2022 GSA, Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics, Asilomar, CA (Poster)
2022 Society for the Study of Evolution, Cleveland, OH (Oral)
2019 Society for the Study of Evolution, Providence, RI (Oral)
2017 Society for the Study of Evolution, Portland, OR (Poster)
2016 Triangle Zebrafish Symposium, Duke University, Durham, NC (Oral)
2015 7th Vertebrate Sex Determination Symposium, Kailua-Kona, HI (Poster)
2014 Society for the Study of Evolution, Raleigh, NC (Oral)


Instructor of RecordUniversity of Colorado, Denver
2009 -11 BIOL 2081 Laboratory, Biology II for majors 20 students/class
2010 BIOL 1550 Laboratory, Biology for non-majors 20 students/class
Guest Lecturer
2020 BIOL 3010 Evolution and Speciation, University of Denver
2019 BIOB 494 Host-Microbe Interactions, University of Montana
2017 BIO 330 Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics, NC State
2016 BIO 451 Genome Science, NC State
Teaching Assistant
2015 GEN 311 Recitation, Introductory Genetics

Service to Professional Societies and Communities

2022 Poster Judge, Genetics Society of America

Department, College, and University Service

2015 – 2017 Elected Graduate Student Representative to the Department
2014 – 2015 Member, Departmental Student Invited Distinguished Speaker Committee
2014, 2015 Chair, Genetics Graduate Student Association Symposium
2014, 2015 Chair, Graduate Recruitment
2013 – 2015 President, Genetics Graduate Student Association
2013 – 2014 Member, Departmental NIH Training Grant Invited Speaker Committee
2010 Undergraduate member, Faculty Search committee, CU Denver

Service towards Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

2021 Member, Access to Undergraduate Research working group, U. Montana
2020 – Founding member, UM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Science (DEISci),
2018 – Leadership, University of Montana Women in Science group (WiSci)
2017 Presentation, GWIS Women in Science Symposium, Duke University
2014 – 2018 Member, Graduate Women in Science, Triangle Chapter
2013 Developed and taught “Fish Filet Forensics,” a Labs for Learning workshop for local high schools (continues to be used for teacher training for low-income school districts)

Community Education and Engagement

2019 State Science Fair judge
2016 Public Presentation, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
2015 – Developed Dances with Fishes, comparative behavior activity (6+ events)
2014 – 2016 Volunteer, Brain Day, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
2014 Public Presentation, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
2013 – Developed Fish Face Frenzy, evolution education activity (10+ events)
2013 Public Presentation, Pints of Science

Professional Memberships

Society for the Study of Evolution American Society of Naturalists
Genetics Society of America Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution
American Society of Mammalogists

Professional Development

2020 Ally Training, University of Montana
2015 Coding in R Workshop, NC State University